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¿Te atreves a construir, alguno de estos proyectos?

LEGO Technic Braiding Machine (Trenzadora)

This is a machine made entirely out of LEGO Technic pieces that braids three strands of yarn. More LEGO creations can be found at

Lego Stairclimber Race

Carreras de robots de Lego que suben escaleras.

Lego rcx dragster races

races with lego cars. who will win?

Carreras con Lego, ¿Quien ganará?

Lego RCX Plotter

Made for the lego building instruction site by Laurens200
Building instructions are found here:
Update: Instructions updated

It is made with a single RIS 2.0 kit and another motor.

When you start it, a timed test run will happen. This will be used to messure all distances later in the program. This is my attemt to elliminate differences when the batteries are less charged.

The pen are resting in the holder and not directly connected with the motor. This is to prevent it applying too much weight to the paper. When it is lowered, the lever holding it up goes down so it jams on some bricks and the pen is resting on the paper.

To create a even surface to write on, the paper is curved and suporting itself.

One touch sensor is used to report when the pen have reached it outermost points. A lightsensor can be attached beneth the pen and be used to scan an image, but haven't been tested.

Danny's Mindstorms NXT Rubik Cube Solver

Un sistema construido con Lego Mindstorms NXT, capaz de resolver el cubo de Rubick.

Lego Mindstorms NXT Segway

Un simpatico y bailarin robot.

Otra propuesta

Lego Mindstorms Humanoides

Robots con apariencia humana.

Lego Mindstorms Animales

Robots con apariencia de animal.


Una impresora.

Lego Mindstorms Chimney Climber

LEGO Mindstorms NXT Container Crane

Lego NXT Light Follower

Catapulta con Lego NXT

LEGO NXT Rocker-Bogie Suspension

Bridge-Laying Lego NXT Robot

lego nxt - HELLO writer

LEGO NXT Tower Crane!

My lego NXT motorized tower crane. It's a mini-model of a real one. It can turn, move the trolley, and of course it can move the winch up and down. more details at

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