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Lego RCX - Bartender Robot presenting your Beer

Get the kicks out of your Lego bricks! And have a drink afterwards. Featuring 2 RCX modules and a Full Automatic Pneumatic system for moving the fingers in the Hand.

LEGO RCX and Wii Balance Board

The two Lego MindStorms RCX bricks controlled by using the two Wii Balance Boards.

Lego NXT - Lap Timer for your Race Track

How fast can you go?! With this Lego Mindstorms NXT Timer you measure your Lap Time in seconds with 1/100 accuracy! Each player can read his personal record. When you brake the overall record you hear the Fanfare-sound. Two Light Sensors are used to detect the passing cars.

Serenity 1.0 - an autonomous LEGO NXT boat

The inital "sea trials" of a fully autonomous LEGO boat, using nothing but stock LEGO (no modification) and controled by the NXT using a compass sensor to keep to a specific heading. Notice that there's no tether, and no remote control was used (or even availible)… had these trials gone wrong, I'd be uploading a video of a $250 mini-shipwreck sinking to the bottom.

The Lego Mindstorms NXT Toilet Flushing Robot

El extremo del trabajar para no trabajar.

N95 Acceleration Sensor Controlled LEGO NXT

Remote control using the tilt sensor in the Nokia N95. No more buttons.

I use the S60 Python module aXYZ from
to read the phone's orientation and send commands to the LEGO NXT via bluetooth.

The program remotec.rbt from http://nxt-symbian.sourceforge.net running in the
NXT receives commands and turn the wheels.

Python code xyz2nxt.py running in N95 is adopted from xyz2bluetooth.py by bjepson, http://goodan28.googlepages.com/xyz2nxt

LEGO NXT Wii-mote with Mindsensors compass & accel sensors

This shows how a Mindsensors compass & acceleration sensor can be used to control a Lego robot arm like a Wii remote

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